Protect Your Ride: Tips for Vehicle Theft Protection

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.41.31 AMIn 2013, there were nearly 700,000 motor vehicles reported stolen in the United States—that’s

a vehicle stolen every 45 seconds. Nearly 45 percent of these vehicles are never recovered. The

estimated total value of vehicles stolen nationwide is approximately $4.1 billion.


Don’t Make Your Vehicle a Target
Nearly half of vehicle theft is due to driver error, such as leaving your keys in the vehicle. Use

common sense when you park by:

• Always taking your keys and not leaving them in or on your vehicle

• Closing windows and locking doors

• Parking in well-lit areas

• Never leaving valuables in your vehicle, especially where they can be seen

• Never leaving the area while your vehicle is running

• Keeping your vehicle in your garage, if possible


Protect Your Vehicle
There are several different types of antitheft systems and devices designed to make vehicles more difficult to steal or easier to trace and recover. Here’s how some of them work:

Audible and Visible Devices deter theft by bringing attention to an unauthorized attempt to steal or enter your vehicle, such as a horn alarm. Visible devices create a visual threat/warning/deterrence, such as the use of steering-wheel locks—as well as theft-deterrent decals, flashing lights, and window etching.

Immobilizing-Type Devices prevent thieves from bypassing your vehicle’s ignition system and

hot-wiring the vehicle. Some incorporate computer chips in ignition keys or disable the flow of

electricity or fuel to the engine.

Vehicle Recovery Systems: These devices use electronic transmission technology that helps law

enforcement reveal the location of stolen vehicles—and possibly catch thieves in action.