When Nancy Thomas began her career as a teacher, she was single and knew she needed to plan for her financial security. That’s why she protected her income with Individual Disability Income from Principle Life Insurance Company.

Knee problems ended her teaching career

Nancy maintained her Individual DI insurance policy for 19 years. “Once you start paying the premiums automatically each month, you don’t miss the additional money,” she says. Many years later, when Nancy developed osteoarthritis in her knee, she faced a difficult time at work. Her school had multiple floors and no elevator which made it difficult for her to escort students. Despite knee replacement surgery, she continued to be in pain and decided to retire early. Not realizing she had a claim, Nancy contacted her insurance agent to cancel her Individual DI insurance policy since she was no longer working. Her agent explained that Nancy was actually eligible to file a claim and helped get the process started.

Help for bridging the gap in retirement savings

Nancy is grateful for the benefits her policy provides. She explains, “The disability payments have helped me bridge the gap of losing out on some of my

retirement benefits because of retiring early. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing they’re there.” Nancy is very glad she made the decision to purchase Individual DI insurance many years ago. She explains, “I was in good health when I purchased my policy, but you never know what life’s going to

throw at you.”