Clients Often Ask

What is the best type of life insurance? – OR – How much life insurance do I need?

Well, there is no “best” type of life insurance. Life insurance contracts are financial tools and what determines the proper tool is dependent upon what you are trying to achieve.


The correct answer as to the “right” amount of life insurance coverage – or – deciding if you even need to own life insurance – That answer is different for every person, because, every person has a unique set of financial beliefs, dreams, goals and obligations.


At Hames & Co., we offer a simple and understandable process to help guide our clients through the confusing world of life insurance. Our clients can have confidence in knowing that their life insurance planning is customized to their individual needs and desires.


“Best insurance we have ever had. We feel confident in Hames & Co. We have referred everyone we know.”

-Penny Brown, Gainesville, Georgia